It's All A Bit Ropey This Week!

It's all a bit ropey this week. Not in a bad way, but in a good way.

The summer holidays are now upon us and the never ending task of keeping the small people amused for 6 weeks without having to take out a second mortgage or by selling a kidney.

Well here at WRE we have come up with 6 activities, a new activity every week throughout the summer holiday. Just visit the store, buy a scrap bag, follow the instructions, hunt down the materials, go away, make it and then play. Now that will use up a few hours of the holiday and not bad for just £2. This is also open to non members, so come on down and have a mooch.

poster SC.jpg

Now back to ropiness. We have all manner of rope type things here at WRE this week. We have pieces of coloured rope in all sorts of lengths. very useful for..........erm.......tying things up?


We also have soft sash cord, also good for........ erm.......tying things up, but could also be used for all sorts of crafty things which don't involve knots.


Unicorn hair, which isn't really unicorn hair.......sorry.....santa isn't real either, but a by-product of the rope making process. Lots of bright colours and very good if you are making a unicorn.


Next up isn't rope, but does come from a rope making factory, polka dot bobbins, which would be fab for summertime fete type games. No need to decorate them.


And finally this non rope related item apart from the fact you could put your hands in them whilst tying knots, disposable gloves.


We still have the buy one, get one free offer on the fabric too!

That all for this week, stay cool!