WRE, Worcestershire Resource Exchange, is closing after 18 years.

The project, run through the charity the Duckworth Worcestershire Trust, collected clean and safe waste materials from a range of local industries and businesses, diverting it from landfill, and made them available to members as a creative resource for projects. Materials ranged from paper, felt, cardboard, shiny film, sticky-backed plastic, foam, plastic cups, fabrics, tubing and more.

The project has faced many issues recently, with the Covid 19 pandemic and with its current premises and has been unable to open to the public for over a year.

The Trust has been trying to secure new premises for the project over the last few years.  Sadly, the search has proved unsuccessful, and the charity can no longer afford to support the staff and running costs.

The Trust is currently offloading the remaining resources either through sales, or to worthy causes and will promote any news on social media until the business closes completely.

Further information

Roisin Hanks, DWT Project Manager

Tel: 01905 734979

Email: info@dwt.org.uk

WRE, Unit F9, Blackpole East, Worcester. WR3 8SG

Email: info@wre.uk.com