WRE appreciate the time and hard work that all our volunteers give to supporting the project.

We have an equal opportunities policy in place and encourage volunteering opportunities for everyone, all our volunteers are insured by our public liability insurance whilst on the premises.

If you are interested in any of the advertised opportunities please make direct contact with the DWT Volunteer Coordinator, details are listed on each role description, where we can then organise a one off taster session and induction after the application process.

ID in the form of a drivers license or passport will needed by each volunteer following completion of the application form.

If this ID is unavailable then 2 references can be provided instead.

If successful and you wish to take up the post, you will be required to sign a volunteer agreement which is designed to offer the volunteer a statement of intent from the Trust and WRE and to follow our volunteer code of conduct.

A trial period of 3 months is then advised.

Out of pocket expenses are reimbursed on a week in hand basis and are given out to make volunteering accessible to all regardless of income.

Please note that WRE is not currently taking on any work experience or DofE under 18 volunteers.