Terms of Membership


When purchasing a membership to shop at WRE you must agree to the 'Terms of Membership'. When buying your membership online the first time you come to shop at the scrapstore you will be asked to tick and sign your membership form. If you decide not to agree to the terms you will be given a refund and you will be unable to shop with us.

  • The resource materials shall be used by member groups only and shall not be sold or exchanged.
  • I understand that no guarantee of quality and consistency is offered for any items of scrap as all scrap material supplied is 'waste material’.
  • I understand that no guarantee can be given as to the regular supply of any item of scrap as all materials are dependent upon availability at donors’ establishments. I, therefore, agree to be fair in the amounts that I take.
  • I will be responsible for what I take from WRE and ensure it will be used safely and appropriately in terms of age and abilility.
  • Children are only allowed in the Exchange provided you agree to closely supervise them at all times. I understand that WRE reserves the right to refuse entry if I am not supervising them adequately.
  • WRE reserves the right to close without prior notice and refuse access to any member at any time.
  • Membership cards are only valid for the person to whom they have been issued.
  • I agree that I will bring my membership card every time I visit and understand it will be  used as proof of identity. I also agree to sign in on entry to the scrapstore, before I start shopping.
  • I understand that WRE retains the right to change membership conditions at any time, without prior notice.