Pppphhhhheeeeewwwww! It's been a scorcher! It’s the height of summer and hopefully you guys have been enjoying the rays and boosting your vitamins D. Here at WRE here have been beavering away to bring you this week’s fantastic offerings of random weird stuff!

First up we have these 5m lengths of strong plastic tubing. It’s a wider diameter then your bog standard garden hose and is actually used to cover the chains on playground swings, but you know us, we like to think up strange uses for things and this tubing could actually, with a little clever thinking this maybe could be used as a watering system in gardens and allotments.

IMG_1843 (1).jpg
Next up is the weird thing. It’s plastic and it’s black and it’s like the plastic loopy things you find on bag handles. So fantastic it is beyond further description!

We have in the scrapstore this week some very odd, but interesting velco strapping thingimijigs. We offer no suggests on this one........thought best not to go there.

Oh and rope, we have more rope, but not your usual tying up kind of rope. This is the Arnold Schwarzengger of the rope world. Heavy, thick and chunky! You could tie down the Hulk with this rope.........and it’s green, so would co-ordinate. Crossfit junkies could use it as a battle rope. Slightly lighter than a battle rope. You’ll just have to battle with it more.

So, after battling with a rope and having a jolly good workout it’s time to feed the mind and the soul. What better way to do that than to be creative, learn a new skill and make something? We have a selection of crafting books to help you with that.

IMG_1844 (2).jpg

That’s it for now........off to battle with some rope.